Opole can be proud of the fact that it was here where Jerzy Grotowski worked before he became a master. It was here in the years 1959-1964 that he developed the foundations of his theater-laboratory. Although the conditions were difficult, he found a workshop, time and basic possibilities to carry out his long-term work. Today the protection and support of young artists undertaking their own researches is still very much needed. Perhaps even more than when Grotowski stated above mentioned words.

When I came to Opole in 2015 in the theater building I saw a technical space of unusual character. A space in which every director could create a work of his dreams. My dream, however, was to create and consistently develop a place that would serve the implementation of the postulate of Jerzy Grotowski – providing the basis for experimental explorations in the field of theater. Less than a year later with the support and involvement of many people Modelatornia Stage was created. In order to enable young creators open access to Modelatornia I initiated a cyclical competition as the main form of recruitment of projects that we finance and later support in artistic, technical, administrative and PR way.

To the future cooperation I invite artists who want to confront fundamental ideological problems on our stage, who are not afraid of creative dialogue with the audience through their original stage language.

Norbert Rakowski