Radomir Rospondek

Actor of JK Theatre since 2019

A graduate of Acting Department of State Theatre College in Cracow (branch Wroclaw), 2014.

Performances in the repertoire with the participation of the actor:

  • The Art of Lovemaking,
    director: Mira Mańka
    premiere: 26th May 2023
  • The Promised Land,
    director: Piotr Ratajczak,
    premiere: 25th June 2022
  • Los Endemoniados/Demons,
    director: Marcin Wierzchowski,
    premiere: 13th May 2022
  • Institute,
    director: Jędrzej Wielecki,
    premiere: 7th January 2022
  • Testosteron,
    director: Robert Talarczyk,
    Katowice premiere: 19th March 2021 - Teatr Śląski im. St. Wyspiańskiego w Katowicach,
    Opole premiere: 24th June 2021 - JK Theatre Opole
  • The Master and Margarita,
    director: Janusz Opryński,
    premiere: 27th September 2019
  • Collaborators,
    director: Piotr Ratajczak,
    premiere: 28th March 2018

Full path of his artistis career is available here.