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Opole Recommendations

Opole Recommendations, which was announced in May 2023 during an international conference and theatre forum hosted by our theatre, has been published!

The document sets out a vision for a strong and forward-looking theatre sector. The JK Opole Theatre is pleased to announce that the Opole Recommendations has been published - the document is the result of the work and discussions of the representatives who visited our theatre on 11-14 May during the European Theatre Forum held under the auspices of the European Commission.

The declaration encourages direct dialogue with European theatre and calls for challenges related to the mental health of European societies, the climate crisis and the development of artificial intelligence.




The publication of the Opole Recommendations is also an important step in the ongoing creative process on a permanent European theatre policy framework. Thus, the JK Opole Theatre, known for its mission as a theatre of many voices..., becomes an important voice of contemporary perception of new perspectives as well as a response to major challenges. We are happy to be an ambassador of European dialogue.

With the Opole Recommendations, the European theatre community affirms its cohesiveness and shared, strategic vision.
It claims the major role it plays in fostering a sustainable, inclusive and forward-looking industry and stands up as a leading partner for the European institutions in achieving this aim.
The European Commission hopes that, by bringing together all the segments of this broad community at the 2023 European Theatre Forum,
it will help put theatre on the European policy map.

Georg Häusler,
Director for Culture, Creativity and Sport at the European Commission

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