based on the novel of Mikhail Bulgakov



Is there a place for Satan in the world without God?

Woland and his mysterious company come to Soviet Russia in the 1930s. They arrive in the world filled with oppression in which metaphysical trade with Devil seems to be the only real chance of regaining freedom. Nothing is for free as nothing is given to man once and for all. How will our modern reality look at itself in ‘The Master and Margarita’? In a novel which power of imagination becomes a tunnel to philosophical reflections interspersed with the element of festivity?

A masterpiece of world literature staged by Janusz Opryński allows us to rediscover the appealing complexity of the world of Mikhail Bulgakov. A world in which light cannot exist without darkness, just as good cannot be born without evil.


„The Best 2019/2020” ranking of „Theatre” monthly magazine

  • Best Director Distinction
  • Best Female Role Distinction for Magdalena Maścianica
  • Best Theatrical Adaptation Distinction


Leokadia Przebinda, Grzegorz Przebinda, Igor Przebinda

Janusz Opryński

Jerzy Rudzki

Rafał Rozmus

Aleksander Janas, Paweł Szarzyński / kilku.com

Aleksander Janas

Urszula Kraska


Magdalena Maścianica 
Katarzyna Osipuk

Monika Stanek

Beata Wnęk-Malec

Andrzej Jakubczyk

Michał Kitliński (as a guest)
Rafał Kronenberger

Leszek Malec

Radomir Rospondek

Kacper Sasin

Artur Paczesny
(as a guest)
Bartosz Dziedzic

Michał Świtała

Martyna Pytel
Jakub Bałdych / Grzegorz Hoffmann
Michał Głos

27th September 2019, LARGE STAGE

photo Edgar de Poray

Media about the performance

Janusz Opryński's performance is faithful to the novel and the spirit of the theater, which still has its place in Poland and its longing viewers. It is a theater of psychological acting and unconventional scenery, on the TJK stage built with meticulousness and finesse by Jerzy Rudzki. It is a theater in which the actor identifies with the character and the viewer feels drawn into the vortex of events and does not look for references to modern times in literal hints, only in the author's metaphors. After all, it is an effective and delightful theater. (...) Opryński succeeded in composing, in perfect proportions, combining „old-fashion", modernity and a solid dose of moral anxiety.

Kamila Łapicka, zteatru.pl


Opryński managed to launch very broad plans in the style of Fellini or Sorrentino. Circus art, rock, philosophical literature and theater as such. The show is spinning. Excellent music, mappings, several brilliant scenes - all this makes you breathtaking.

Janusz Palikot, palikot.pl


Janusz Opryński practices the theater of great literature, focused on the word. His adaptation of „The Master and Małgorzata" shows that he treats the work of Mikhail Bulgakov with an extraordinary esteem. The Opole proposal is faithful to the original and does not consist in reducing time plans or threads, but it is a two-hour gallop through the novel. At the level of interpretation, however, there was interesting shifts of accents - the director is less interested in love story, but more about the story of freedom and Nietzsche's world order.

Wiktoria Formella, e-teatr.pl

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