Artur Paczesny


A graduate of the Puppetry Department in State Theatre College in Cracow (branch Wrocław), 2005. Actor of the Baltic Drama Theater in Koszalin (2005-2018).

Performances in the repertoire with the participation of the actor:

  • The Promised Land, director: Piotr Ratajczak, premiere: 25th June 2022
  • Los Endemoniados/Demons, director: Marcin Wierzchowski, premiere: 13th May 2022
  • DANSE MACABRE, director: Renata Piotrowska-Auffret, premiere: 18th June 2021
  • TESTOSTERON, director: Robert Talarczyk, premiere: 19th March 2021 - Teatr Śląski im. St. Wyspiańskiego w Katowicach, 24th June 2021 - Teatr im. J. Kochanowskiego w Opolu
  • CAMERA BUFF 2020, director: Norbert Rakowski, premiere: 23rd September 2021 in The Stanisław Wyspiański Śląski Theatre in Katowice, 17th September 2021 in JK Theatre in Opole
  • THE MASTER AND MARGARITA, director: Janusz Opryński, premiere: 27th September 2019