The Modelatornia Programme is addressed to both Polish and foreign young creators. Referring to the tradition of theatrical explorations conducted in 1959-1964 in Opole by Jerzy Grotowski and the 13 Rzędów (13 Rows) Theatre, the JK Opole Theatre created a new theatrical space called Modelatornia, intended for innovative and experimental artistic projects.

In order to provide the creators with open access to this new space, the JK Opole Theatre established a Competition for a Theatrical Project, within the framework of the Modelatornia programme. The objective is to initiate and conduct – in the contemporary cultural, social, political and artistic context – explorations related creatively to the achievements of Grotowski.

The aim of each annual edition of the Competition is to select two projects financed by the JK Opole Theatre and perform them on the Modelatornia stage, engaging the Theatre’s team members in cooperation.