JK Theatre is looking for diverse projects that explore new spaces of the theater's imagination. We invite young (in every possible meaning), certain of their vision artists, who are ready to explore and experience. The winner of each edition of the Modelatornia Competition will receive a unique opportunity to implement their ideas in the form of professional production with an appropriate budget, a team of professional actors, technicians and full administrative support.

Moreover, we engage gladly in cooperation with partners from other countries and conduct this cooperation on various levels. We are open to co-productions, exchange of plays and every other type of cooperation. As we are prepared for any layout of audience seats we would love to conduct experimental projects.


Zuzanna Bućko

Artistic Assistant
(+ 48) 516 121 621


Iwona Gołąbek

(+48) 77 454 59 42


Michał Rogulski

International Project Manager
(+48) 531 373 121