DAY 1 | WEDNESDAY | 10.05


We have waited a long time for this event! The European Theatre Conference ETC in Opole has finally become a reality. And on the 11th of May we officially inaugurate the 2nd International Theatre Forum at JK Theatre! 🌍
With a speech by director Norbert Rakowski and his call for theatre to create a more rational, ethical and beautiful world, we kicked off the event, and with it we hosted wonderful theatre people from all over Europe. The first discussions of the ACuTe Symposium took place, where the highest authorities of this project met and discussed the future of theatre. For our guests as well as for the audience in Opole, we performed well-known and popular plays such as Danse Macabre (directed by Renata Piotrowska-Auffret) and The Wonderful Neither This nor That (directed by Tomasz Cymerman).

We ended the evening with a wonderful atmosphere to the rhythm of music played by local artists.

DAY 2 | thursday | 11.05


Today was full of positive emotions and impressions day! Members of the 2nd European Theatre Forum joined us. Our theater is full of wonderful people! We started the morning with the ACuTe Symposium: a discussion panel about digitization in the theatre. There was also an ETC Conference, which had in mind the development of future projects. We officially opened the 2nd European Theater Forum. After welcoming speeches, we started discussions about democracy, international cooperation and the power of theatre. The evening was marked by live jazz music and the performance “Top Secret Research” dir. Norbert Rakowski.

Transmisję ceremonii otwarcia możecie obejrzeć klikając w poniższy link / You can watch the opening ceremony live here: 

The European Theatre Forum will take place at the JK Opole Theatre.
Organised by the European Commission in partnership with the European Theatre Convention (ETC).

DAY 3 | FRIDAY | 12.05


Another great day behind us! Yesterday we discussed topics concerning the situation of theatres in EU member states, current political issues, the broader aid to Ukraine and the creation of sustainable interfaces between theatre and political decision-makers. We also discussed the working conditions of theatre professionals, their artistic freedom, and the Green Deal – forms of intervention aimed at preserving the diversity of our planet. We took part in table talks – i.e. a quick exchange between participants. By talking and working together, we exchanged experiences and solutions. In the evening, we performed up to three plays, which are the last of the season: “Top Secret Research” directed by Norbert Rakowski, “Danse Macabre” directed by Renata Piotrowska-Auffret and “The Wonderful Neither This Nor That” directed by Tomasz Cymerman, and we hosted our audience with an excellent jazz concert.

DAY 4 | SATURDAY | 13.05


On Saturday, the final day of the 2nd European Theatre Forum took place under the theme “Future Initiatives.” We engaged in conversations aimed at building a common European theatre policy. During the prospective panel, we discussed and formulated the “Opole Declaration 2023,” which contains recommendations for the European theatre sector. This document represents a real opportunity to collectively create strong paths for the future of theatre. With this document, we officially concluded the 2nd European Theatre Forum and the European Theatre Conference. 🥳
For the last time for our guests we presented “The Wonderful Neither This nor That” directed by Tomasz Cymerman and the guest performance “5.00 UA” directed by Yuliia Maslak.

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