The stories of the heroines of Marta Abramowicz’s reportage ‘Nuns Leave in Silence’ are the starting point of the performance. They become a bridge between observation of the actresses’ performance and the personal opinion the actresses have of the characters they interpret. The main subject of the play is the calling, understood both in the context of the sacred and the profane, through service to God, and ending on the mission and the ethos of the actor.

During the performance, the audience will witness creation of an emotional bond between women who are initially strangers; the actress and the character she interprets. The performance raises questions about the essence of identity, metaphysics and the widely understood humanism. Theatre is an ideal place for analysis of a topic combining reality with fiction, spirituality with secularity, performance with a reportage.

The play is performed as part of the 1st edition of the Modelatornia competition. Both the subject matter and the form, above all based on the actresses’ search, amazed the judges of the Competition, who unanimously decided to distinguish the project of Daria Kopiec and Martyna Lechman.


Golden Mask for the best play, best music and best script of 2017 in Opolskie voivodeship.

the media about the performance:

This play of Jan Kochanowski Theatre is a very important voice that proves that women have a lot to tell in the discussion of believing Catholics. They’re no more afraid of saying their opinions out loud although still decide to leave a convent. Thanks to this kind of plays this silence won’t last for a long time.

 Wojciech Giczkowski, Teatr dla Was

based on the reportage of Marta Abramowicz


Daria Kopiec

Martyna Lechman

Natalia Czekała

Aneta Jankowska

Patrycja Fitzet

Cecylia Caban
Natalia Czekała (guest appearance)
Karolina Kuklińska
Joanna Sokołowsko (guest appearance)
Malgorzata Mikołajczyk (guest appearance)

Urszula Kraska

80 minutes

10th November 2017, Modelatornia Stage

Performance based on the reportage of Marta Abramowicz ‘Nuns Leave in Silence’ and improvisation.