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The show featuring live music, based on real stories of the 1997 millennium flood as told by the residents of Opole, is produced as part of the second edition of the Modelatornia competition.

When the millennium flood breached the city limits of Opole, nobody expected the worst to happen; That part of the city would disappear under the incoming flood wave. Nobody knew that Opole would be affected by the greatest disaster in its history, and the highest flood wave would come at night on 9/10 July 1997 when people in Opole still believed that the Oder River would have spared their possessions. Losses were counted in millions of zlotys, in the forever lost objects of sentimental value, or in the numbers of animals from the zoo on Bolko Island that could not be saved.

When the water level finally went down, people tried to forget. Although bad memories did not disappear as quickly as the flood wave, the show “My Street is a River” also tells the story of solidarity among people, friendships born at the time of the crisis, bonfires on roofs of blocks of flats, and the joy of loved ones being saved. The show reveals everything that you will not find in the official reports, as the flood victims have told us their stories themselves.

fot. Edgar De Poray

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