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Witold Gombrowicz



For the first time in her career, Anna Augustynowicz faces this – still untamed and metaphorical – play of Witold Gombrowicz.

Between the bride dressed in black and the procession of wedding guests in mourning outfits, the director precisely presents the human-human mass based on the lush and ambiguous language of Gombrowicz.

What do we see on stage? A nightmare? A grotesque vision of history? A fight for power over one’s own mind and memories? An illusion, where each story ultimately collapses and sinks?

110 minutes (no break)



  • Grand Prix, Best Director Award for Anna Augustynowicz, Best Actor Award for Grzegorz Falkowski for the role of Henryk and Best Actor Award for Arkadiusz Buszko for the role of Drunkard at 12th International Gombrowicz Festival in Radom
  • Konrad Swinarski Best Director in the season 2016/2017 Award for Anna Augustynowicz and Aleksander Zelwerowicz Best Actor in the season 2016/2017 Award for Grzegorz Falkowski from the “Theatre” Magazine
  • Wojciech Bogusławski Main Award  - Best Performance, Best Director Award for Anna Augustynowicz, Main Best Actor Award for Grzegorz Falkowski, Best Actor Award for Arkadiusz Buszko, Best Actor Award for Grzegorz Młudzik, Best Actress Award for Joanna Matuszak and Best Debut Award for Jędrzej Wielecki at 42th Opole Theatre Confrontations / „Living Classics”
  • "Golden Mask 2017" Artistic Awards - Best Director Award for Anna Augustynowicz



Anna Augustynowicz

Marek Braun

Jacek Wierzchowski

Krzysztof Sendke

Wanda Kowalska

Urszula Kraska (Jan Kochanowski Theater in Opole)
Jolanta Szadkowska (Contemporary Theater in Szczecin)


The Jan Kochanowski Theater in Opole:
Michał Świtała
Jędrzej Wielecki (as a guest)

Contemporary Theater in Szczecin:
Joanna Matuszak
Arkadiusz Buszko
Grzegorz Młudzik

Magdalena Żak (as a guest) / Magdalena Maścianica
Grzegorz Falkowski (as a guest)


10th September 2016, The Jan Kochanowski Theater in Opole, MODELATORNIA STAGE
21th October 2016, Contemporary Theater in Szczecin, BIG STAGE


photo: Michał Ramus

The media about the performance

Acting was a feat. Beautiful and subtle. Well run. And I don’t dare to specify someone, give someone more meaning, beacuse everyone was simply extraordinary. It was thanks to them that I fell in love with Augustynowicz. It was thanks to them that I was carried away by art and, like the heroes of art, I was hypnotised from the very first moments of art.
Agnieszka Kobroń, afiszteatralny.pl

The small performance has a strictly measured rhythm, as if it has been written down in the score. The director compacts Gombrowicz, boldly shortens the text – while at the same time extracting its essence.
Witold Mrozek, Gazeta Wyborcza online

Gombrowicz can be an endless source of surprises. He only needs to be presented very personally and very honestly.
Przemysław Skrzydelski, wSieci nr 45/2016

The partner and co-producer of the performance is Contemporary Theater in Szczecin.



The performance took part in the IInd edition of the Competition for the Staging of Old Works of Polish Literature "Klasyka Żywa".  

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