Michael Müller



THE JK THEATRE FOR YOUNG project is an offer for secondary schools. With the professionally produced performance, the Theatre would like to encourage young audiences to participate in the cultural life. The playwright has prepared an innovative formula for the play. Presentations will take place in school classrooms, and the running time should be about 45 minutes (i.e. the duration of a lesson). After each presentation, young people will take part in workshops, discussing the performance and the problems addressed in it.

It has been 5 years since the tragedy. Tomek returns to his former school where his friend Mikołaj decided to take his own life a few years ago. He is seeking answers to the questions he did not manage to ask, even though Mikołaj had entrusted Tomek with his greatest secret. Tomek knows that he played a part in what happened; that by doing nothing, he failed not only Mikołaj but also himself; that he cannot hide in a parallel world where a man can die three times and start the game all over again.


Iwona Nowacka

Piotr Ratajczak

Grupa Mixer


Wiktoria Czubaszek
Mikołaj Bańdo
Tomasz Tywoniuk

27th September 2017, Economic School Complex Gen. Stefan Rowecki "Grota" in Opole as part of the JK THEATER FOR YOUTH project