New Polish dramaturgy on the Bunkier Stage.

What do you associate fear with? Paralysing anxiety? What would have to happen to force you to hide in your wall unit for 25 years? A mortgage in Swiss francs? Bailiff? Knowledge that people were hiding in your home building a hundred years ago for much more serious reasons? Whatever the reason, Bożena was struck by fear. She sits locked in the four walls of her wall unit while a fascinating tragicomedy featuring her husband and Jews in the lead roles takes place on the outside; A real reality show in which we are not sure as to whether it is more terrible or more ridiculous. The fear of transformation that is well established in our heads, but is still fighting for attention with the anxiety instilled in us by previous generations. We unwittingly deny one to make room for another. Then we pass them on, believing that our transformation will be the last one.

70 minutes (no break)



  • 1Oth Koszalin Youth Confrontations M-Teatr: Best Director Award for Jan Hussakowski
  • 1Oth Koszalin Youth Confrontations M-Teatr: Best Actor for Karol Kossakowski
  • 1Oth Koszalin Youth Confrontations M-Teatr: Audience Award


Jan Hussakowski

Joanna Walisiak

Maciej Zakrzewski

Urszula Kraska


Cecylia Caban
Karolina Kuklińska
Karol Kossakowski
Bartosz Dziedzic / Leszek Malec

2nd February 2019, BUNKER STAGE

photo: Edgar de Poray

Media about performance

Terrible things are: transformation, wall unit, future. There is something to be afraid of and something to laugh at. The black and at times absurd humor of Przemysław Pilarski's art is the strength of the performance directed by Jan Hussakowski. At least on the surface, because emotion is more important than laughter, and whether we laugh at tears or through tears becomes a fundamental question.

Dominik Gac, teatralny.pl


Opole's counter-history of transformation, told from the position of a weak and clumsy person, perfectly maintains the balance between terror and laughter. Hussakowski keeps this difficult, theatrical collage in check ...

Wiktoria Formella, teatralny.pl

The performance took part in the 25th National Competition for the Exhibition of Polish Contemporary Art.

The National Competition for the Exhibition of Polish Contemporary Art aims to reward the most interesting repertoire searches in Polish theatre, to support native drama in its stage realizations and to popularize Polish contemporary drama. The competition is organized by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw.