NO TITLE 09/21

Most of my works are difficult to title. For quite a long time they are like newborn babies - you don't know who they will be when they grow up a bit.For that you need time spent among people - in this case with audience. In our process we worked around the theme of the body and the figure of the mother as well as the phenomena of revelation, dazzlement, noticing. We tried to abolish the traditional opposition between seeing the sacred or the ideal and seeing the real.

The mechanism of the work we show is based on the situation of simple mirroring that we experience in our childhood with our mothers. Through our mother's reaction to us we learn what we do and feel, and even about the fact that we exist at all. In the course of the rehearsals we mirrored each other and discovered a new situation that balances between a series of moving confessions and an absurd TV series, which engages us a lot in spite of, or maybe because of, the fact that in each episode the same person stands at the door and says "I've thought it all over, I'm leaving this town".

For a group of performers this is an extreme task, a session of seeing ourselves and at the same time revealing ourselves to others.We try to practice in ourselves and in the audience a way of seeing that avoids moodiness and aesthetics, to experience each other directly and simply.


Anna Karasińska

Szymon Kluz



Radomir Rospondek
Michał Świtała
Alicja Fryc (as a guest)
Jadwiga Sokołowska (as a guest)
Magda Zarzycka (as a guest)
Natalia Krawczyk (as a guest)

11th September 2021 – Jan Kochanowski Theatre in Opole, MODELATORNIA