Competition for a Theatrical Project – II edition

Referring to the traditions of theatrical explorations conducted in 1959-1964 in Opole by Jerzy Grotowski and the 13 Rzędów (13 Rows) Theatre, the JK Opole Theatre a new theatrical space called Modelatornia, intended for innovative and experimental artistic projects. In order to enable the creators open access to Modelatornia, the JK Opole Theatre established a Competition for a Theatrical Project, within the framework of the Modelatornia programme. The intention of the Competition’s originators was to, in the modern cultural, social, political and artistic context, initiate and conduct explorations related creatively to the professional experimental theatre formula proposed by Grotowski.

By announcing the Competition, we do not want to refer directly to the aesthetics and creative methods elaborated by the 13 Rzędów Theatre and the Laboratorium (Laboratory) Theatre, although we are, of course, interested in the actions inspired by them. Pointing to the link with the tradition of Grotowski’s team, we refer to, above all, to his Opole period. The 13 Rzędów Theatre used creatively the achievements and proposals of the European theatrical and artistic avant-garde, trying out opportunities inherent in them and expanding the original theatrical language. At the same time, it faced with the elements of the European and Polish cultural heritage important for young artists, recognising their contemporary significance and values in the theatrical action. As a result, the theatre of an experimental art form, undertaking the fundamental ideological issues and confronting the audience with their original stage approach was founded.

In hope of finding and enabling the implementation of similar projects, we announce the annual Competition for a Theatrical Project within the framework of the Modelatornia programme. The aim of its particular editions is to identify at last one project funded by the JK Opole Theatre, implemented on the stage of Modelatornia while including the Theatre’s team members into cooperation.

Applications must be sent until September 10th 2017 in paper or electronic form:

Program Modelatornia
Teatr im. Jana Kochanowskiego w Opolu
Plac Teatralny 12
45-056 Opole

Technical drawing of the scene:

Dofinansowano ze środków Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego Dofinansowano ze środków budżetu Województwa Opolskiego